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What to Expect - Doors and Windows Installation

11 March 2019
What to Expect - Doors and Windows Installation

Having new windows and doors installed is a major project. We would like to let you know what to expect before, during and after your installation.


Prior to our arrival to install your new aluminium joinery: From the date that you have paid your deposit and confirmed all choices of joinery including colours, glass, handles etc you can expect the following:-

1. One of our Measurers will contact you to arrange a visit to your home to take detailed measurements - within 2 weeks.

2. Your target week for installation will be 4-8 weeks from the final measure date.

3. One week out from installation, you will be given a confirmed installation day.

4. The day prior to installation, your installation will be confirmed including the time when you can expect our staff to arrive on site.

Site measurement: We may need to remove some timber around your affected windows/doors in order to complete our detailed site measure. We will keep this to a minimum and we will temporarily reinstate these at the time.

Electrical work: Please make arrangements for an electrician to be available should they be required to move/disconnect/re-instate any live cables as we are not authorised to perform electrical alterations. This cost will be the responsibility of the home owner.

Clear valuable items: Pack away any valuable items within 1.5 metres from any joinery that we are working on (including artworks, family heirlooms, vases etc) to avoid any damage caused by the use of power tools and demolition equipment.

Furniture and appliances: All furniture and appliances must be moved to allow our installation team a safe working area of at least 1.5 metres from any joinery that we are working on.

Window dressings: If you are able to, please remove all window drapes, blinds, net curtains etc. (Please note: window dressings may not fit new windows if they have changed in size).

Dust containment: Cover all furniture, electrical appliances, food preparation areas etc and close doors to rooms not required to be accessed to minimise clean up both during and after the installation of your new aluminium joinery.


Getting started: Our installation team will check with you where best to set up our equipment/tools, park vehicles, accumulate rubbish and old joinery for disposal.

Old joinery: You will need to advise our team if you have opted to keep any of your old joinery and where you would like it placed once it has been removed.

Removal of existing joinery: This may result in it being damaged in the process. Where requested, we will endeavour to remove specific items without damage. However, we do not provide any undertakings in this regard and any additional time required will incur an additional charge.

Mains power: Please advise our team where your mains power is. Water access: Please advise our installation team where access to tap water is if required.

Bathroom facilities: Please be clear on the best access to the toilet/bathroom as the installation team may require the use of these facilities.

Drop sheets: Our installation team will use drops sheets and plastic floor wraps to cover work areas and floor areas where they will be walking internally.

Dust containment: Our team will take care to minimise the mess created during the installation of your new aluminium joinery. However, please be aware that dust produced will become airborne and you may need to clean surfaces before use - particularly food preparation areas.

Unforeseen circumstances: Please note that installation dates may change at short notice due to adverse weather, unplanned job delays and staff shortages. However, we will endeavour to minimise any disruption that these unforeseen circumstances may create.


Furniture/personal items: You will need to make arrangements to reinstate any furniture/window dressings, valuables etc moved/stored prior to the installation of your new aluminium joinery.

Cleaning: Our installation team will complete a builder’s clean of the areas where they have been working and will remove all rubbish created during the installation of your new aluminium joinery.

Warranty & Sign Off: Our Head Installer will do a final check with you to make sure you are satisfied with the finished work.

Feedback: As we strive to provide an excellent level of service to our customers, we encourage you to provide any additional feedback you may have.

Additional work: Once your new aluminium joinery has been installed, you will need to make any arrangements to decorate the areas surrounding the joinery, including putty nail holes, paint/decorate replacement and mouldings and surrounding wall areas as required.

Full Replacement Windows: You will need to paint the timber surrounding the aluminium window.

Full Replacement Windows: You will need to putty nail holes and paint interior timber frames.

Insert Windows: You will need to sand and paint over mullions and transoms which have been filled with Builder’s Bog.