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Our range of aluminium joinery suites

15 August 2018
Our range of aluminium joinery suites

Our range of aluminium joinery gives you endless opportunity to cement your design vision with our highly functional and durable windows and doors.

We recognise that every home differs in size, design, materials and locations. Which is why our products are manufactured specifically for New Zealand's environment, and designed to suit any budget and style of your home.

Vantage Residential

Vantage Residential Series

Clean, contemporary lines, smooth surfaces and generously sized profiles. It is the most economical, mainstream range of windows and doors.

  • The most versatile of all suites, capable of doing complex configurations like double hung windows, bay windows, green house windows etc.
  • Everything in the Residential range can be coupled to one another meaning that you could have a separate awning window attached to a sliding door or a hinged door – the options are endless.
  • Capable of going up to 2.1m high depending on site conditions – possibly higher for some doors.

Residential ThermalHEART

ThermalHeart Technology

  • A similar over all look to standard Residential but incorporating a ThermalHEART strip. This means that the windows and doors are made up of separate extrusions and connected with a polyamide insulating strip which stops the cold from transferring from outside to inside - keeping you warmer in winter.
  • Offers a vast product range like that of standard Residential.

Metro Series

Metro Seres

Metro series is all about clean lines and a contemporary look. It is a stylish and heavy-duty range, suitable for residential and architectural applications.

  • The same quality windows and doors as the tried and trusted Vantage Residential series but only better. Clean lines with flush surfaces as well as bigger, stronger, heavier extrusions and gear - capable of handling large sizes and tougher site conditions.
  • Offers a complete product range allowing those bigger doors and windows blurring the lines between what is inside and outside when it comes to either large picture windows or big sliding and bi-fold doors to open spaces.
  • Capable of going up to 2.4m high depending on site conditions – and up to 2.7m for some doors.

Metro ThermalHEART

Metro ThermalHeart Series

  • Everything you love about Metro Series but only better – with a ThermalHEART insulator.

APL Architectural Series

APL Architectural Series

Targeted at architectural homes and apartments, the APL Architectural Series range of high-performance windows and doors are meticulously designed.

  • For just about every joinery solution you might need, the APL Architectural Series will likely be the answer.
  • Clean lines, flush surfaces, square edges and architecturally pleasing.
  • Capable of going where other joinery suites can’t - the harshest, most exposed environments New Zealand has to offer, multi storey dwellings where wind pressure may be of concern or high end, architecturally designed homes where large joinery units are required to appreciate the view and open spaces. 
  • Capable of going up to 2.7m high depending on site conditions.