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How to create indoor-outdoor flow to extend your living space and add value to your home

11 December 2018
How to create indoor-outdoor flow to extend your living space and add value to your home

Having a well-designed outdoor area adjacent to your main entertaining room is a great way to create more space when needed and to add value to your home. 

There are plenty of opportunities to create better indoor-outdoor flow on a budget. By removing a window or wall and replacing it with a sliding or bifold door you can open up a space to allow in more natural light and create easy access to the outside.

Sliding doors are the most popular and versatile option when creating flow from inside to outside. They can come in different configurations and one of the advantages of sliding doors is the use of flush sills. When a sliding door is installed, the floor is rebated (meaning a space is created to hold the frame of the door) so that the tracks are flush and level to the floor to create a seamless transition. Another advantage is when the doors are closed, your view of the outside is less obstructed due to the wider glass panels of your doors.

A large window has been converted to a biparting sliding door and side awning windows to allow easy access from the dining room to the outside patio area.

Bifold doors can offer a complete opening to your outdoor area for an unobstructed view. You have a wider opening to create the illusion that there are no walls, blurring the boundaries of indoor and outdoor. The bifold set can include a free-swinging hinged door for easy access without opening up all the panels. The superb lay-back option allows the door panels to fold flat against the wall, giving you unobstructed open access onto decks and patios.

A sliding door and side awning windows has been converted to large bifold doors to completely open up the space from the living room to outside deck.

Whichever option you choose, creating in indoor-outdoor flow can be achieved with sliding or bifold doors to maximum your living space.