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Conservatories - Frequently Asked Questions

25 June 2018
Conservatories - Frequently Asked Questions

Conservatories are a great low-cost option to gain additional living space for your home. Revive can transform any outdoor space or exposed patio area to create a sheltered entertaining area. By adding a conservatory, you not only gain an extra room, but it will also provide a unique space filled with light and warmth all year round.

We can work together with you to design and build a conservatory to compliment the style of your home.

Here are some common questions about conservatories:

Do I require a permit?
Anything that is fully enclosed over 5m2 requires a permit.

Do we draw up plans and present them to council?
Yes, the plans must be up to Council standards. We will provide design drawings, engineering calculations and present them to Council.  Revive will take care of this entire process.

Can I build a conservatory on my existing concrete slab or timber deck?
Yes, you can build on an existing concrete slab, but you may need footings added to adhere to building regulations [3604 Building Code] and the Council may ask us to prove if there is a damp pour underneath the existing concrete slab.

Similar with timber decks, if the timber deck is higher than 1m it must be permitted. If the deck is lower than 1m, then council may require a plan on how the deck was constructed.

Revive will work with you to provide the Council with all this information and organise any relevant testing.

What are the council rules and regulations?
Council rules and regulations vary depending on your site, existing home and conservatory design which is why it is important to have Revive visit to check if there are any complications when building your conservatory.

How long does it take to have it installed?
Allow approximately 5 months as the permit with Council could take up to 7 weeks if further information is required. Read our guide for approximate timeframe and what to expect at each stage of your conservatory project.

If you have any other questions or would like to book a consultation, please call us on 0800 788 002 or email us at

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