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3 Options when replacing or upgrading your windows and doors

15 May 2018
3 Options when replacing or upgrading your windows and doors

At Revive, we offer 3 recommended options when replacing or upgrading your existing windows and doors. These are retro fit double glazing, insert windows or full replacement windows.

Each option has huge benefits. You will ultimately get the best outcome if you choose the correct option for your situation. The guide below will give you assistance in choosing the best solution for your home.

Retro Fit Double Glazing

The existing Aluminium frames are left in situ. The existing external beads and opening sashes (sometimes panels) are removed and simply replaced with double glazed glass, beads and sashes.


  • Minimal interruption, can generally be done in 1-2 days
  • It is the lowest cost solution
  • There is no additional work required when the glass is installed


  • The colour of your windows and doors cannot be changed at the same time
  • Colour variation can occur between the old window frames left insitu and the new components being replaced
  • The configuration of the windows and doors cannot be changed
  • All the seals and some of the components / locks are not changed so they are still as old as the original windows and doors
  • You are doubling the weight of the glass in items that were not designed for this weight (e.g. sliding door rollers)
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not Retro Fit Double Glaze windows and doors older than 15 years old (for the reasons above)
  • Although some companies do Retro Fit Double Glazing into wooden frames Revive does not undertake this service due to the issues around fitting double glazing into products that were not designed for this.

Insert Windows and Doors

insert aluminum windows

The sash part of timber joinery is removed and replace these with new Aluminium windows and doors.


  • You keep the look of the timber windows from the outside (the sills, jambs and head of the timber windows are left in place) so you keep the chunky timber style look.
  • You get the timber look with modern Aluminium windows and doors that have great seals and are higher performance.
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • The configuration of the windows and doors can be changed
  • You can choose any colour you want
  • Greater security
  • No additional work required after the inserts are installed
  • Installation of inserts generally complete in 2-3 days
  • This is the middle of the range price wise


  • Windows work really well with the insert option but doors often have difficulties with frame widths and often have limitations with the sills (too high a step over)
  • The timber frames are still in place and will require maintenance

Full Replacement Windows and Doors

Full replacement aluminium windows and doors

Fully remove the existing timber or Aluminium windows and doors and replace with new windows and doors.


  • Everything is new
  • Any style, colour, configuration – change the way you live in your house
  • Installation is to the current building code
  • You can change the sill height of your windows easily (e.g. take out a window and make the hole big enough to change it to a door)


  • You need to fill and paint the interior liner and architraves after the installation is complete
  • It is the most disruptive process. We need to work inside and outside each window with full access. Although the house will be secure, furniture will need to be moved and drapes taken down.
  • It is the most expensive of the 3 options
  • All windows and doors will require architraves. Any existing windows not being changed without architraves will not match.

Changing your existing windows and doors to incorporate Double Glazing will have huge benefits. It will increase the comfort of your home, reduce condensation and make your home a warmer and healthier environment.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a no-obligation quote.

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