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10 Tips to Visiting a Home Show

17 April 2018
10 Tips to Visiting a Home Show

Home Shows provide a great opportunity for homeowners who are building or renovating excellent ideas of what local products and services are available. Visitors will be able to see what products might look like in their home and also speak to experienced consultants for advice and recommendations about their products and services. Home Shows allow howeowners to see a huge range of showcase samples on display and compare prices and products between vendors all under one roof.

1. Check out the list of exhibitors before you go

Map out the booths you wish to see, especially if you have a particular project in mind e.g picking out flooring for your kitchen. This will save you time and ensure you don’t miss out on seeing anyone.

2. Bring before photos

A picture can paint a thousand words, instead of describing what your kitchen looks like show them a picture. Photos allow you to describe any issues you have and it gives the experts a visual guide to make recommendations or offer better solutions.

3. Bring measurements

If you’re trying to determine your project budget, bring measurements. Most home improvement projects require an on-site measurement to generate an accurate quote, but having a rough idea of the size of your project can often be enough to get a ballpark figure.

4. Write your questions down & take notes

Whether you’re interested in general information about your project or more specifics about individual companies, be sure to write down any questions you have before you go so you don’t forget to ask something. And write down the answers so you don’t forget them!

5. Ask if they have any specials they can offer you

While most vendors at the Home Shows will have their promotions plastered all over their signage, it never hurts to ask if there is anything else that they can offer to sweeten the deal. Competition amongst the vendors will be rife so take advantage of this to get your project under budget.

6. Give yourself enough time

Time can often get away from you when visiting Home Shows so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to spend on the show and at each booth. Allow extra time for browsing, distractions and waiting for a booth to clear out that is on your “must visit” list.

7. Be open to ideas

Take a good look around and try to avoid tunnel vision. Keep an open mind when speaking to a vendor as often it something you haven’t thought of that offers the best solution.

8. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Walking around the Home Show can be tiring so wear comfortable shoes. Having a drink bottle and sweets on hand for when you feel peckish is also recommended. There are often queues at food outlets so having water and a snack on hand until your food arrives will keep the hunger pains away.

9. Bring address labels

Many vendors run competitions on the day. If you plan to enter, it can be helpful to bring address labels so you don’t have to write your information each time. Make sure your name, address, phone number and email address are written on the labels.

10. After the show

After the show is over, be sure to keep in touch with your contacts, make appointments for in-home quotes and connect to their social media. File away brochures, magazines and other materials as well as your notes.